Why might you move into at Rest Home?

There are a variety of reasons for this, although most people have generally experienced deterioration in health and are having difficulty with managing at home. The following are typical pre-entry situations:

     A person has for a long time thought about and planned for life in a residential care facility. They have gathered quite a lot of information about residential care over the years and have used ‘short stay’ options in the past to know what to expect. They have sufficient funds to purchase a unit at a suitable facility along with enough to meet weekly charges. Others may be eligible for residential care and also qualify for a subsidy. Now is the time to make the move. They look forward to the companionship and support offered in a rest home along with the freedom from not having to worry about maintaining their house in the suburbs.

     A person has had some time to anticipate the move into residential care but has some reluctance to do anything about it. (A recent assessment shows they are eligible for residential care.) They have been finding it hard to manage at home even with formal home support services. Their friends have either died or moved away. Other social supports have fallen away too and they have become quite isolated. They have had numerous falls. Their children live in other parts of the country worry about them. They won’t go and live with any of them. Things are coming to a ‘head’.

     A person experiences a sudden change in their circumstances or health. They have previously been very active and fit prior to a sudden severe and disabling stroke. They have never entertained the idea of residential care or have any family.

     A person has a major disability, they’ve previously relied upon the significant support and care provided by a family member and formal support services. Their family support person dies suddenly leaving them few options other than going into residential care.

Very occasionally some people require care for security and loss reasons. These people may, for example have suffered a trauma e.g. home invasion and feel unable to continue living alone.

Reviewed: 17/09/2012

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