Information On Rest Home Care

There are always questions when considering your care options. Below is a list of links to articles that may provide valuable information.

What are my/our options for respite care?

Why might you move into a rest home?

Guidelines for choosing an appropriate residence

What is an ORA or Licence to Occupy?

Checklist of considerations when choosing a rest home

What is involved in purchasing a unit in a Retirement Village?

What feelings might someone experience when moving into residential care?

What lifestyle changes can one expect when moving into residential care?

How can a family help with the move into a rest home?

What is an assessment?

Living in a unit under an Occupational Right Agreement and becoming eligible to receive a Residential Care Subsidy

Helpful brochures and websites

Payments when going on holiday or in to hospital

Transferring to another care facility and how it’s done

How care is managed when living in a rest home

Determining whether one will have to pay for care

The varying level of charges for residential care

Making complaints about rest home care

What is an Enduring Power of Attorney and why one may need one?

Information on Funeral Trusts

The importance of having a will

What is Service Coordination?

How to find out which facilities are certified and where to get certification audit reports?

The different levels of Residential Care which are available

The minimum number of staff required for each level of Residential Care

The current asset thresholds for the Residential Care Subsidy