The minimum number of staff required for each level of Residential Care

District Health Boards (DHBs) provide subsidies to eligible persons living in a residential care facility. The Age Related Residential Care (ARRC) Services Agreement details the agreement between DHBs and residential care providers. It outlines payment and service provisions including: advice to be given to residents, the admission agreement, care planning, medical treatment, staffing requirements, safety obligations and facilities, services and supplies that must be provided. The ARRC Services Agreement can be viewed online via the Ministry of Health.

The ARRC contract covers the subject of staffing requirements in sections D17 and E4. Please refer directly to the ARRC Services Agreement for exact details.

It is important to note that while the contract states minimum staffing requirements it also states that the residential care facility must provide sufficient staff to meet the health and personal care needs of all subsidised residents at all times and if the Registered Nurse or Manager at any time considers that additional staff are required these must be provided.

Reviewed: 20/08/2012

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