Living in a unit under an Occupational Right Agreement and becoming eligible to receive a Residential Care Subsidy.

The Residential Care Subsidy payment covers both care and accommodation.  As you are already paying for some accommodation costs some compensation should be paid (so the provider is not being paid twice for the same thing; once by you under the Occupational Right Agreement and again through the payment of the residential care subsidy by the DHB). How the compensation is calculated should be determined between you and the village or facility operator however the DHBs will want to be assured there is fairness in this regard. It is possible you will have to pay some additional cost too for features/services you receive that are over and above the DHB contracted services. For more information on what may be a reasonable level of compensation you can contact Seniorline on 0800 725 463.  You also can seek external advice from family, legal representatives or the local DHB’s Planning and Funding.

You should also be aware that you do not have to remain in your unit.  You can choose to leave as per your Agreement.

Updated: 17/09/2012

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