Transferring to another care facility and how it’s done

Any transfer between services, whether within your District Health Board (DHB) region or outside it, is done in consultation with your local Care Co-ordination Centre/NASC team. If your needs have changed since your last assessment you will be reassessed to determine the level of care you require.  An acceptance needs to be received before you move. This process also allows time for funding details to be sorted out.

If the transfer is to another DHB region your co-ordinator will contact the corresponding team in the region you intend to move to. Although efforts have been made to standardise the assessment process between DHBs it is possible that you will have to be reassessed by the NASC team or Care Co-ordination Centre in the new region and may find that there are differences in what services you are assessed as being eligible to receive.

Reviewed: 24/08/2012

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