The different levels of Residential Care which are available

There are four levels of residential care.

     Rest Home Care – People who require this level of care usually have some ability to get about on their own or with someone helping them. They require some assistance with personal care and general day to day activities. Many have a degree of memory loss. Some people who have dementia may be able to be safely and appropriately supported in a rest home.

     Hospital – Hospital care is provided for those who have a significant disability and medical concerns. Most require the assistance of two people to move about.

     Dementia Care – Dementia care homes provide a secure home for those with a dementia and for whom there are safety concerns and possible behaviour issues.

     Specialist Hospital/Psychogeriatric Care - This type of care is designed for people with a mental health or dementia disorder who require a high level of nursing care and management of challenging behaviour. They therefore require a secure environment and the skills of staff trained in psychogeriatric care.

Reviewed: 20/08/2012

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