Helpful brochures and websites

The brochure Residential Care Subsidy produced by Work and Income answers many questions about the qualification requirements for subsidised care and the processes involved in applying.

The Ministry of Health brochure – “Long Term Residential Care for Older People: What You Need to Know - is effective as from July 2012. It contains some information not found in the Work and Income brochure.

The National Contract for Aged Residential Care Services and its accompanying document define the service agreements with and expectations the DHB has of its providers. In 2002 the Ministry of Health introduced a National Contract for Aged Residential Care Services. Responsibility for it was devolved to the regional District Health Boards (DHBs) on 1 October 2003. The Contract applies to those services that accept subsidised residents i.e. this does not apply to facilities where there are privately paying residents only. There are very few non contracted providers. Click HERE to view the contract.

The following sites also have a range of useful information:

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